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Planning Applications for Sites A & B

This is the area immediately to the north of Canada Water and next to Canada Water tube station on the current derelict land (click here to see map). It will be the site for the new library and a lot of flats.

Site B1 and B2

Site B1 – an eight storey building comprising 63 dwellings and 396sq.m. of Class A1 (retail) and B1 (office/commercial) accommodation.

Click here forpictures and details of Site B1

Click here for pictures and details of Site B2

BL Canada Quays Ltd have revised their planning applications and this page now reflects the changes. Some of the images are very large so please be patient whilst they load.

You will notice that the heights of the development have increased dramatically from those initally proposed. The heights of the buildings along Surrey Quays Road are between 8 and 10 storeys. Don't forget you can send us your comments by clicking here.

Changes since first planning submission

Revisions to the masterplan - these include repsonses to comments in April 2006 from LB Southwark and its Design Review Panel

  • Key changes to the masterplan since the first submission are:
    • provision of a dedicated childrens play area on Parcel B1
    • reduction of building heights and removal of a 17 storey tower next to Canada Water Station
    • relocation and remodelling of Library to water's edge to allow for larger public plaza space
    • relocation of retail units from Maple Mews to higher profile frontages on Deal Porters' Plaza
    • shifts in location and type of neighbourhood streets
    • additional family housing provided on parcels A1 and A2 (lining the mews)
    • new rear gardens provided to serve mews housing
    • addition of sculted tower element on A3 to create visual interest
    • additional building setbacks introduced along west edge of Surrey Quays Road to allow for greater visibility to station.

changes since first submission

View of the Canada Water Masterplan (latest revision) looking East

development looking east

View up Albion Channel

View up Albion Channel

Canada Water Landscape Masterplan

Landscpae Masterplan


Layered Stuctured Idiogram

Sites A+B Annoted Masterplan

masterplan area

1 Deal Porters' Square/Plaza
2 Library and Learning Resource Centre
3 Bicycle Locker/Storage
4 Outdoor Restaurant
5 Needleman Neighbourhood Park
6 Birch Way pedestrian/bicycle road
7 One-way service access
8 Swan Road extension
9 Albatross Way pedestrian/bicycle road
10 Limited access gate

Maple Mews will flanked on either side by retail use. It will therefore be an active linear space which connects Surrey Quays Road with the Albion channel and therefore to the Canada Water Basin.

The Mews will facilitate wheelchair access upto Surrey Quays Road from the Albion Channel and the service road will provide access for service and emergency vehicles.

A line of trees will provide shade and greenery through Maple Mews. Ramping gently down from Surrey Quays Road, the Maple Mews will afford views down to Albion Channel.

However, due to the size of the buildings and that Maple Mews is tucked behind the ventilation shaft means that most of this area will be in shade for most of the day (especially when the site on the other side of Albion Channel is developed). This area only affords views of Albion Channel and not Canada Water.

The elevated terrace of B2 will contain an outdoor seating area for the use of the associated retail units. It will benefit from views along Albion Channel back towards Canada Water Basin, although the views of Canada Water are rather restricted .

Axonometrics of Sites A & B

Axonometrics of Sites A & B

Axonometrics 2

Illustrative Storey heights Plan

Illustrative stroey heights

Sites A & B Circulation Plan

Circulation Plan

Site A

Land Use Plans - Ground Floor Site A
Upper floors are all residential

Landuses Site A

Development Heights Plans - Site A

Heights Site A

35.15 = 10 storeys; 29.45 = 8 storeys; 26.60 = 7 storeys; 20.90 = 5 storeys; 18.05 = 4 storeys

Access/Circulation Plan - Site A

Access Site A

Open Space Plan - Site A

Openspaces Site A

UP Top


Site B

Land Use Plans - Ground Floor Site B
Upper floors are all residential

Land uses Site B

Development Heights Plans - Site B

Heights Site B

35.15 = 10 storeys; 29.45 = 8 storeys; 9.5 = 1 storeys

Access/Circulation Plan - Site B

Access Site B

Open Space Plan - Site B

Openspace Site B

Site B1

Site B1 – an eight storey building comprising 63 dwellings and 396sq.m. of Class A1 (retail) and B1 (office/commercial) accommodation.

Site B1 finishes Jan 2008

Site B1 finishes

Click here to download design document 4Mb


Site B1 & B2 along Surrey Quays Road

Sites B1 and B2 along Surrey Quays Road

Site B2

Site B2 and Plaza

Site B2 and the Plaza

Site B2 interior garden

Site B2 showing the garden in the interior

Site B2 restaurants

Site B2 restaurants onto Plaza

UP Top

Deal Porters' Plaza/Square

The Plaza is a major 24/7 arrival space containing the entrance to Canada Water underground and bus interchange. The design of this space is therefore critical in the creation of image for the development as a whole.

The Plaza will be the main civic heart of the development and a new square for London. It will be the setting for a new library and will act as the largest viewing platform of Canada Water.

Pedestrian flow through the plaza will be an important function as will be activity on the north side associated with the proposed retail at ground floor.

The busy Surrey Quays Road (90 bus movements per hour) separates the bus station from the plaza. It is proposed to minimise this separation by raising the road surface and paving it as a shared pedestrian/vehicular environment. The continuation of elements of the paving pattern across the road surface will be a key measure in this regard. The paving will be extended into the bus station area so as to create a single unified space either side of and including the road.

It is proposed that the character of the plaza will borrow heavily from the heritage of the basin - specifically the off loading and transport of deal (timber).

The space will function as a major seating area and will accommodate a large eye catching public art piece as its focus. This will be a kinetic study of the off loading of ‘deals’, very large pieces of timber which were manhandled by deal porters when Canada Dock was a working entity. The design of the timber benches reflects the way in which timber deals were stacked within the basin.

The pavement design was also inspired by patterns created in the processing of ‘deals’ in a working Canada Dock.

Significant improvements to basin promenade include enabling access for all to the basin edge, upgrading viewing decks and seating stairs with views to the basin and enhancing the pavement to the basin edge. This will result in significantly enhancing the basin edge experience. Disabled access and the health and safety of users area fully provided for within the design so as to ensure safe and legible access for all.

As a prestigious civic space the plaza will have an important night time and evening identity and function. Creative lighting proposals have been examined as illustrated which help establish the plaza as an exciting venue with sculptural lighting effects.

The eight existing trees along what is called Canada Water Promenade disappear. The library wall appears to be flush with the edge of the existing cobbles and then continues as a retaining wall to join the ventilation shaft, making the site level with the current paving bordering the shaft. The timber benching is adjacent to the shaft doors.

You will notice that no provision has been made for a drop off/pick up point near the tube station. This is something which was asked for at the consultation workshops during the summer of 2005.

Deal Porters' Plaza

For the high resolution plan of Deal Porters' Plaza download the Deal Porters' Plaza Detail Plan - 3.3Mb PDF

Design Concept/Elements
The design seeks to create a simple, modern and prestige new square for London. It will be the central jewel within the crown which is the waterbody and its surroundings. Examination of historic photos shows the dominance of the activity of offloading, moving and stacking of ‘deals’ of timber when the basin was a working entity. This historic process has fundamentally influenced the design as follows:

  • Paving – the paving pattern, which is strongly linear, is a horizontal study of stacked timber. It will direct pedestrians clearly through the space onto the basin promenade.

  • Tree Planting – On the northern side and in association with the retail frontage the “necklace” of large Canadian Maple trees provides shade, promotes seating and softness the edge of the space.

  • Benches – simple uplit timber benches design as monolithic sculptural studies of stacked timber are co-ordinated within the paving pattern.

  • Lighting – an overall sculptural lighting scheme will be developed as a co-ordinated ingredient of the plaza design.

  • Vehicular Access – by configuring steps around the perimeter of the square vehicular access will be prevented from the plaza with the exception of emergency and service access to the library. The placement of steps and vehicular barriers will help to prevent motorcycle joy riding which currently blights the Basin.

Lighting designs for Deal Porters' Plaza

Map of sites





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